Short notes from the meeting of the Swedish part of the group, October 2013

As I promised I will try to write about the meeting at Chalmers in Gothenburg.

We were welcomed by the Library director Daniel Forsman. He didn't just say welcome but told us to remain a bit critical towards suppliers that promise us to take care of all our problems and give us FREEDOM (yes, with a big F). But maybe Innovative has a somewhat different approach?

First out was Gene Shimshock from  III. He is Senior Vice President, Product and Market Management.
He told us about the company and how they wanted the future products of Innovative to be.
As most of you probably know the ownership is changed now, and also the leadership, with Kim Massana as SEO.
Gene talked about the new center for hosting and support in Dublin, now with about 25 employees. Robert Jacobs is the new Sales Director in Northern Europe. I think they were also about to hire another sales person for the Nordic countries.
There was much talk about collaboration and partnerships. For the discovery solution III are in a partnership with EBSCO. The records in EBSCO EDS can be searched in Encore. For e-books there were partnerships with Overdrive and 3M.

Product directions:
  • Open by design (APIs, open database, developer community)
  • Integrated resource management (plug & play e-resources(?))
  • Seamless workflows
  • Analytics aware
  • Cloud optimized (hosting, sharing)

Next speaker was Colin Carter, Sales Manager. He talked about Encore. EBSCO EDS is searched and the hits are integrated in the result list. They are also working with e-bok circulation within the Encore interface, depending on cooperation with e-book vendors.
We were (once again) told the things we wouldn't miss in Sierra. thing that have troubled us in Millennium. In Sierra:
  • No busy records
  • No broken holds
  • No transaction file (no control down)
The much talked about new APIs in Sierra is not yet in place, but in 2014 things should happen.

Sergey Obolonsky told us about his role as a Library Relations Manager (a new role).
His job is to see to that we are happy with the system and that we are using it in the best possible way. He is not a sales and not support, but if you are not quite sure who you should ask, Sergey is probably the best alternative.
Some things he can help us with:
  • Escalating issues
  • Advocate for software and support issues
  • Implementation and upgrade follow up
  • Open channel for feedback
  • Identify and highlight areas for improvement
  • Liaison for regional IUG meetings. Future user grup meetings can be planned together with Sergey!

What about Graham Woodruff? He is still with the company and is Customer Sales consultant for Northern Europe.

Sergey also told us a bit about the future releases of Millennium and Sierra. His presentation will soon  be available to the user group, so you can study the details.
The other Innovative  presentations will also be available soon!

The last presentation of the first day was Malmö city Library demonstrating the product Desicion Center.
Desicion Center is a rather fascinating tool that can help you with desicions about weeding and acquisitions.
Given the accurate data DC can say for example: Weed!
But the the actual weeding has to be done in Sierra(Millennium).

The second day started with Chalmers and Malmö City Library. The subject was now Sierra, and Emma and Christina told us about their different experiences with implementing Sierra.
On the whole the process was ok for both libraries. Chalmers had more trouble with the project management and there was also a delay due to the fact that the hosting center in Dublin wasn't ready.
The go live-day was successful for both libraries. Almost no problems!
Of course there were many support tickets and things that had to be changed. Som problems with diacritics occured, and some strange things in the OPAC.
The libraries were just in the beginning of the exploration of the new SQL possibilities.

Emma and Christina also demonstrated Sierra live. Hard to put that on paper! There was a web interface for parts of  the back office functionality. There you could work with logins, permissions and decide what each user should have access to. In Sierra you no longer have separate logins for separate modules. With one login you should have everything you need in the meny on the start page.

News from the libraries. Interesting as usual. Here just a few words. (Sorry everybody, could have needed a secretary here.)

Cuttings in library staff. Using Scheduler and iReport (printing) with success. Using Millennium ILL, now when the Swedish SAGA system is closing.

Hosted Sierra solution. Working with Auto Notices. Planing to develop their own system for interlibrary loans.

Gothenburg City Library:
Going for Sierra on their own server. Bought Desicion Center. The main library building is being renovated. Opening again in April  23th next year.

Malmö City Library:
New Library Director. Hoping to buy a discovery solution next year.

Dalarna University:
Moving towards Sierra. Using Millennium ILL now. New library in Falun.

Centrum för pedagogisk inspiration (Malmö):
Worked with the OPAC. Planning for upgrade to Sierra.

Budget cuts. Going for EBSCO discovery and link resolver.

Stockholm School of Economics:
Maybe Sierra? EBSCO link resolver. The nice "book tower" is open again.

Malmö University:
Moving towards Sierra. Hosted solution.

Karolinska institute:
Project group for procurement forming. In 3-5 years their will be a new procurement of a more total solution.

Södertörn Univeristy:
Started procurement of ILS and ERM- functionality. Working much with Primo.


Last some questions concerning the user group.

There was a question from Riin Olonen in Estonia about the time for the next meeting. The delegates preferred to have it in October, as usual.

Anders is resigning from being the contact person of the Swedish group. The new contact person is Petra Gustafsson, Dalarna University.

/Anders Fredriksson