Notes from the Helsinki meeting 2012

We have no secretary in NIUG and this is not an official  protocol from the meeting - just a few remarks. Please comment and correct me if I am wrong about anything!

We had a discussion about the future of the organisation. One result was that we will have no chair of the organisation. Instead we will have three contact persons, one from each country. They will work together with meeting programs and the NIUG web site. I (Anders) have an extra responsibility for the web site, since the domain is registred by our library. Reminders should be sent to the libraries, asking for updates and changes.
The next Nordic meeting (2014) will be held in Estonia. It's not yet decided if it will be in Tallinn or Tartu (or possibly both). The next Swedish meeting (October 2013) will be held at Chalmers University of Technology Library.
Innovative had some news. They are establishing themselves in Dublin. Already late in 2012 there will be a helpdesk function and some product development. Dublin will also be the  place for hosting European systems.
Lots of libraries have signed up for the new system Sierra, now also Chalmers!
Efforts have been made to make the Java staff interface efficient and attractive, although it's still very similar to the old Millennium environment. Innovative is now also working on a browser-based interface, called "Sierra Everywhere". They acknowledge the fact that the future is in web interfaces with responsive design.
At the back-end, the PostgreSQL database and the API based architecture will enable libraries to participate in the development of the system.
The Innovative discovery tool Encore Synergy will be boosted significantly by the new partnership with EBSCO, giving Encore a potential to be attractive also to academic libraries on the Nordic market.
Other products presented were Reporter for statistics and Decision Center.

Then we had all the interesting presentations made by ourselves. Have a look at the meeting program if you haven't seen it! There is also an intention of publishing the PPT:s  on this site. We covered several themes and topics, not all focused around Innovative products. I think that was a good thing, giving us an opportunity to learn about important trends in both public and academic libraries. I am sure the presenters will happily answer any further questions if you are curious or if you couldn't attend the meeting. I started to describe the sessions here, but gave up. Simply too much. Thank you all!
And if you were not with us on the guided tour round Sello library, go there if you have a chance and experience the lively athmosphere and friendliness of the place.